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How can I make my home safe for cats and kittens?
How can I make my home safe for cats and kittens?
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Cats and kittens can definitely be mischievous at times! It is important you cat-proof your home and that the cat remains indoors at all times to ensure the safety of the cat. All cats will have different quirks and preferences and their belongings will be provided by the cat owner.

Here is a helpful list of what cats generally require for a stay:
- Food and water
โ€‹- Litter tray & litter- This will need to be put in a separate room to the cat's food and bed and be emptied often into the bin.
- Scratching post
- Toys
- Cat bed
- Cat carrier cage for transport

How can I cat-proof my home?
Protect your furniture, mats, and rugs from scratches
- Store all valuables, breakable objects, sharps, and chemicals away in cabinets.
- Keep all caged pets (birds, fish, rabbits, etc) secure and in different areas to the cat
- Wires and cords should be taped and hidden
- Do not use any candles
- House plants and flowers should be moved outside or into other areas as some may be poisonous.
- All smaller objects (including nightstand objects) such as jewelry, bobby pins, medications, and supplements should be also kept out of reach in closed drawers.
- Keep your stove and bins covered.
- Hide mothballs in a drawer and keep them off the floors.
- Tie up or cut blind cords and loops
- Put down your toilet seat lid.
- Keep your washing machine and dryer closed (and check before use).
- Keep front and back doors closed to prevent escapes
- If it is easier, dedicate a cat or kitten-safe room in your home.

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