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How can I make my home safe for dogs and puppies?
How can I make my home safe for dogs and puppies?
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Sometimes letting a dog into your home can be a little daunting, just wondering what mischief they may get up to! This is why we've created some handy tips for making sure you can prepare your home for safe and stress-free stays. You may also choose to only allow the dog in certain parts of your home or use puppy playpens.

- Keep all food off the countertops and stored away in cabinets
- Hide the trash inside a cupboard or up higher where a dog cannot reach it
- Store sharp utensils away safely
- If you are cooking or eating something that is harmful to dogs, have the dogs out of the kitchen until you finish your meal

Living areas
- Tuck wires and cords out of sight
- Remove all rugs if the dog is not toilet trained
- Keep all small valuables, children's toys, jewelry, and anything else that could be swallowed hidden away
- Use baby gates if you need to block off an area (ensuring they cannot jump over). It is also recommended to create a barrier around the front door to avoid possible escapes
- Remove any pot plants as many house plants can cause sickness in dogs
- Secure any caged pets (fish, birds, rabbits)
- Avoid access to open windows, curtains, and drapes

- Keep the room tidy and clothing items in closed cupboards- especially your socks and shoes
- keep all valuables and small objects out of the dog's sight

- Keep any cleaning supplies, medications, vitamins, and toiletries (including small items like bobby pins and hair ties) stored away in the cabinets
- Keep the toilet lid close
- Secure rubbish bin with a child-lock
- If possible, find a higher spot to put the toilet paper

- Keep washers and dryers closed
- Keep all washing detergent stored away

- Check the garden for any suspicious or dangerous plants
- Check for any gaps in the fencing
- Ensure your fence is high and sturdy. Ask the owner if their pet is a fence jumper or digger prior to booking.
- Keep the gates locked at all times
- Make sure there is an area with shade and water while the dog is outside.
- Mow the lawn regularly to minimize the risk of ticks and fleas.
- Do not use any lawn chemicals and pesticides
- Keep a secure fence around the pool

It is important to always supervise the dog in your care to ensure they are not getting into something they shouldn't and to keep the dog away from hazards. Keep the home and backyard clean and have a look from a dog's point of view of what might seem fun to play with or eat! If you have concerns about an item that might not be safe or they might ruin- hide it!

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