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How can I manage my availability?
How can I manage my availability?
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Keeping your availability up to date is an important part of managing your business on Floofers.

Floofers App

  1. Tap the calendar icon which is the second icon at the bottom of the screen

  2. Tap the date/s you need to update. The dates you are available will appear in green and the dates you mark as unavailable will appear in red.

  3. If selecting multiple dates in a row, hold down the first date you are changing and then select the last date you are changing. This will select the entire section as available or unavailable.


  1. Click 'Manage availability' on the left-side menu of your Floofers account.

  2. Click on the dates you are unavailable and drag your mouse across multiple dates. The dates you are available will be in green and the dates you are not available will become red.

Currently, you can only mark entire days as available or unavailable. More calendar features are coming soon!

If you'd like to take a break from pet caring, you can simply click the 'snooze' button to stop your pet carer account from showing up in searches. You can still chat with existing pet owners and complete existing bookings while being snoozed. This feature is available using the web browser and is located above the calendar.

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