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Leash reactive dogs
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It is important to talk to the dog's owner to thoroughly understand the dog's behaviour and what they are reactive towards for a safe and enjoyable walk. Make sure the dog is fitted with a suitable harness/non-retractable leash and ask the owner if they have some dog treats to help distract the dog if needed.
If the dog is reactive towards other dogs, please walk the dog in quieter areas, at quieter times, and avoid parks and off-leash areas. You will need to avoid other dogs, which may mean crossing to the other side of the street if you see one approaching. Do not let the dog meet other dogs or pass by other dogs.

Hint: If someone is approaching you with their own dog, it is ok to yell out "this dog is not friendly" to let them know not to approach. It is always best to put your and the dog's safety first. Also, stay calm! If you are calm, it is likely the dog will be too.

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