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Where do we hold the meet and greet?
Where do we hold the meet and greet?
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Where a meet and greet takes place is up to the pet sitter and the pet owner to determine and will depend on the bookings and services discussed. You may choose to have a meet and greet in:

A public place
Safety first! Meeting in a public area such as a dog park or a dog-friendly cafe is a great way to ensure safe introductions! If all goes well during the meet and greet, you may want to have another catch-up at the pet sitter or owner's home before booking.

The pet owner's home
If you are pet-sitting at the owner's home, the meet and greet will usually be at the owner's home. This allows the owner to show the sitter where the pet usually sleeps, eats, and plays. If the pet sitter will be staying overnight, the owner can talk through other household details such as the house utilities and simple household jobs they may ask you to do during your stay.

Your own home
If the pet will be staying at the pet sitter's home, it is likely the meet and greets will be at the pet sitter's home. The pet sitter can show the owner the space they have to care for the pet and how they will be safe and secure in their home.

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