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What must I do before accepting a booking?
What must I do before accepting a booking?
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Before accepting a booking with a new client, it is important to thoroughly read the pet's profile, understand the pet's needs and ensure you are suitable for the booking needed and available on the requested dates. You can ask any questions you may need to know before planning a meet and greet.

You can then organise a meet and greet with the pet owner and pet to make sure all parties are getting along! During the meet and greet you can ask further questions, introduce your own pets (if any) and gain an understanding of the care required for the pet. Here you can also discuss if extra services are needed and give the pet owner peace of mind in knowing their pet will be in the best hands.

Tip: Discuss how the pet owner would like to be communicated with during their time away and how often they would like updates. Make sure you confirm their information is all correct including their emergency contact details and the pet's Veterinary contact information.

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