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Creating a great sitter profile and how will it help me?
Creating a great sitter profile and how will it help me?
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Your pet sitter profile is the first thing a pet owner will see so it's important to show how dedicated, reliable, trustworthy and professional you are! The more engagement on your profile, the more interest you're likely to have!

Tips for creating a great sitter profile:

A clear profile photo:
show your face and your smile! Feel free to have pets in the photo with you to show your love for animals.

Testimonials: choose references who know your love for pets the best and who can write an outstanding testimonial for your profile. Pet owners will read your testimonials for reassurance that their pet is in great hands. Professional references or past clients are preferred, but if you are just starting out your pet care journey, feel free to use a friend or family member instead.

A catchy tagline: a short sentence to grab the pet owner's attention while they are searching for pet sitters.

A detailed bio: pet owners want to learn about you! Here's your chance to let the pet owner know exactly what care you are offering. Write about your experience, your love for pets, the fun activities you will do with the pets in your care and what motivates you to be a pet carer. You can go into further details about your services such as which time of day you are available. Make sure it's personalised and engaging! The more information, the better.

Add-on services: adding additional services such as dog walking and transport options may be a great way to attract owners who are looking for that extra bit of care.

Cover image & photo gallery: stand out by adding photos to your photo gallery and a unique cover image. Pet owners love to see images of how you are with other pets. You can also include images of where the pet will be sleeping and playing if you offer in your home services.

Update your calendar: let pet owners know when you are and are not available for bookings. By updating your calendar regularly you can avoid disappointments and rejecting bookings.

A complete profile: all sections of your profile will need to be completed including a valid police check and completion of the pet quiz before pet owners can see your amazing profile!

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