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What happens if there is an emergency?
What happens if there is an emergency?
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Although most of the time it's play and cuddles, emergencies can happen when caring for pets. For all emergencies, the owner will need to be contacted and informed of the situation immediately. They will appreciate hearing from you first as their trusted pet-sitter before hearing from us! If the owner is unable to be reached, please contact the owner's emergency contact.
For any emergencies requiring a vet, please take the pet to the nearest vet or the owner's usual vet. Keep the owner updated with the pet's progress at all times. For those who need a vet to directly come to them, we recommend you contact Pawssum on 1300 343 580.

For any emergency such as an injured, sick, or lost pet, please notify Floofers via live chat, or phone +61 3 9119 3041 so we can assist you in resolving the issue and what to do next. Alternatively, you can email us at [email protected] with the subject line as 'EMERGENCY'.

Tip: For safe, stress-free stays and to prevent the likelihood of emergencies, it is important that both the pet carer and owner have up-to-date information on the pet's medical history, behaviours, immunisations, diets, special needs, veterinary contact info, and the pet owner's emergency contact. We recommend the pet carer and owner communicate an emergency care plan during the meet and greet in case any unforeseen situations arise.

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