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What if a dog escapes or becomes lost?
What if a dog escapes or becomes lost?
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1) Contact us! We have an experienced customer support team to assist you every step of the way. Please contact us either via live chat, on +61 3 9119 3041 or email [email protected] with the subject line EMERGENCY so we can help you bring the dog home.

2) Contact the owner. The owner may know where the dog would go, how to get them back or locals to help! It is important the owner is informed immediately of any situation that arises with their pet. If the owner is not answering, please contact their emergency contact. If no one answers, leave a message saying that it is urgent and spring into action of finding the dog.

3) Go out looking for the dog. Bring the collar, leash, smelly food/treats, squeaky toy, whistle or anything else that may help you get the dog back into your care. Use your voice to call out their name loud and clear and ask any bystanders if they have seen the dog. Ask friends and family if they can come to help out too. As dogs can travel long and far, it is helpful to have some people travel on bike or by car to search a wider area.

4) Contact local Facebook community groups. Join and share the photo of the pooch with your contact details on as many pages as you can around the area. Hopefully, someone will find the dog, see your post and contact you. Also, look on pages with posts about found pets- someone may already have the dog in their care and is looking for you!

5) Don't give up! The dog is still out there somewhere waiting for you. Please keep the owner updated. If the owner has advised you that the pet's microchip is not up to date, start contacting and leaving your number with local vets and animal shelters in case someone brings him in. Ask local businesses (dog walking, dog daycares) to help too. Give a detailed description of the dog and your contact details so they will be able to contact you if someone sees him.

If you see the dog
Approach slowly and calmly.
- If they are walking away, follow behind but do not chase.
- Call out to the dog in a high pitched excited voice and show your treats!

Tip: Before booking, communicate with the owner about the dog's ability to jump high fences and if they usually tend to escape. Ensure the owner has kept the dog's microchip details up to date and that you have developed an emergency care plan. Make sure the dog always has his collar on with his nametag and owner's phone number (if provided). All these factors can ensure a safe and stress-free stay!

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