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What is Stripe and how does it work?
What is Stripe and how does it work?
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Stripe has been integrated into the Floofers' platform as our secure online payment system. When bookings are made through the Floofers' booking page, the payment is processed through Stripe. The payment is made before the booking begins and is held in escrow until the booking is completed. Once both the pet carer and the pet owner change their booking status to complete, the payment is released into the pet carer's nominated bank account.

All pet carers must set up a Stripe account to be paid for their services. Pet carers can connect to Stripe from under the reminders section of their Floofers dashboard. Alternatively, they can select 'My Account from the left-side menu and scroll down to 'Stripe Connect'. The pet carer will need to upload some valid ID, write a description for their services and input their bank details into Stripe. If there are any issues, the team at Stripe will send an email to the pet carer to let them know what needs to be completed.

Once a pet carer has connected to Stripe via Floofers, they can log in at to view all of their earnings or change their details or payment method.

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