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What are favorites and how do I manage them?
What are favorites and how do I manage them?
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Favourites are a great way to keep track of which pet carers you are currently interested in. By favouriting a pet carer, you can quickly access their profile or compare profiles while you are still searching for your perfect match.
You can currently manage your favourites via the Floofers mobile app. Here are some tips on how to manage your favourites:

Adding a pet carer to your favorites

  1. You can add a pet carer's profile to your favorites from their profile page. Simply tap on the heart icon near the pet carer's name.
    Once selected, the heart icon will appear coloured in red, indicating this pet carer has been added to your favourites.

Where to find your favorites

  1. Sign in and from your dashboard, tap the heart icon at the bottom of your screen. This will direct you to your favourites.

If you are not currently on your dashboard, tap the arrow to go back until you see the home icon. Tap the home icon to access your dashboard and then tap the heart icon to access your favourites.

Removing a sitter from your favorites

  1. From your favourites screen, tap the red heart next to the pet carer you'd like to remove from your favourites. The pet carer profile will disappear from your favourite list.

    Alternatively, you can revisit the pet carer's profile and tap the heart near their name. A heart that is not coloured in will indicate they are not in your favourites.

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