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What should I do to make sure my dog is comfortable when s/he is away from me?
What should I do to make sure my dog is comfortable when s/he is away from me?
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Being upfront about your dog's special requirements on your pet profile is the best way to find the perfect carer for your pet. Some pet carers may have other pets at home for comfort or be home all of the time for that special one-on-one care.

It is important to communicate early and often about what your pet needs for a safe and stress-free stay. Once you have contacted a few pet carers nearby, organise a meet and greet to thoroughly discuss your pet's needs to determine if they are the right pet sitter for your pet. Please let the carer know how you usually manage your dog's separation anxiety at home and what works best including medication, calming sprays, music, other pets around, anti-anxiety wraps, etc. If your pet is going to the pet sitter's home, make sure all items are included in their overnight bag.

A trial booking (one or two nights) before a longer trip away can be a great way to help your pet feel more comfortable during their time away from you.

Tip: Bring an item of your clothing for your dog to cuddle up to! This will make sure your scent is always nearby and can help your dog settle into the new environment.

All chronic anxiety should be discussed with your vet to determine ways to manage your pet's anxiety and reduce stress. Talk with your vet before booking with Floofers to understand if the services offered by Floofers are recommended for your pet.

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