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How can you guarantee the safety of my pet?
How can you guarantee the safety of my pet?
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At Floofers, safety is our top priority! All pet carers are manually vetted to ensure we only have the best pet carers on our team! All bookings are covered by our Floofers premium insurance and pet carer profiles include real reviews from vetted pet owners like yourself.

You can also do your part to ensure the safety of your pet during your time away. To set your pet up for success during their stay, please ensure to:

Include all up-to-date details about your pet on their Floofers pet profile
This includes vet details, microchip number, medications, allergies, behaviours, temperament, immunisations, likes/dislikes, routine, day-to-day care instructions, etc.

Bring all the necessary belongings
Ensure you've packed all your pet's necessary items for their stay including their leash, food, medications, toys, and bedding. Make sure your pet is wearing a collar with a name tag and your phone number.

Organise a meet and greet
Organise a time to meet the pet carer prior to your booking to establish a relationship and make sure they are the best carer for your pet. Set clear expectations during your meet and greet for the care of your pet.

Communication plan
Establish a clear communication plan with the pet carer. Let them know how and when you would like updates. Make sure they have the details of your emergency contact in case you cannot be reached.

Trial booking for long trips away
Nervous about leaving your floof for the first time? Why not do a trial booking for a night or two with your chosen pet carer before your long trip away? A trial booking can be a great step for feeling more comfortable with your pet carer and letting your pet become more familiar with the new environment.

If you have any questions or concerns about the safety of your pet, our experienced customer service team is here to help. Please contact us via live chat, at +61 3 9119 3041 or email [email protected] so we can put your mind at ease!

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