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How do I make an insurance claim?
How do I make an insurance claim?
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You can file a claim for reimbursement under ‘The Floofs Insured’ by emailing us with all the required information and documents at [email protected].

Your claim will be processed only after all necessary information has been submitted. Once you have notified Floofers within 48 hours of the incident occurring, you have 30 days to submit all necessary information.

What to include with your claim:

  • Booking reference number

  • A full description of the events leading up to the Incident

For vet care-related claims, include the following;

  • All veterinary treatment notes, invoices, and receipts from a board-certified practicing veterinarian

  • Contact details for the veterinary practice or hospital the pet attended

  • Any photos, additional receipts, and other relevant documents

  • Timeline of expected care, if additional treatment is needed

  • The pet owner’s own pet insurance coverage details (if applicable)

For other claims, please include the following:

  • Photos of the damage and/or injuries of third parties

  • Receipts, original product packaging, warranty cards, or other proof of ownership to help establish a fair market value for property damage

  • Contact details of witnesses/ third parties if necessary

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