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How and when do I pay for my booking?
How and when do I pay for my booking?
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You will need to confirm your booking with payment before the booking is due to begin. After a pet carer has accepted your booking request and you have had a successful meet and greet, it is time to confirm the booking with payment.

To confirm the booking with payment, please sign in to your Floofers account and click 'bookings' from the left side menu. Here you can confirm the booking and add in your payment details. The pet carer will be notified of the payment being made and the payment will be held in escrow until the booking is completed.
Once the booking is completed, both parties will need to change the status of the booking to complete for the payment to be released to the pet carer. If the pet owner forgets to change the booking status to complete within 3 days, the payment is manually released to the pet carer.

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