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What do I ask the pet sitter during a meet and greet?
What do I ask the pet sitter during a meet and greet?
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A meet and greet is a great time to get to know the pet carer and to tell them all about your pet's needs! It is how you can ensure your pet and the pet carer are a perfect match before booking.

Tips on what to ask the pet carer:
-Their experience with looking after pets
-Their schedule while caring for your pet (do they need to leave for work)
-Where they will walk your pet
-Where the pet will sleep, eat and play
-How often are bathroom breaks
-Are the pets allowed on furniture and the bed
-If there are any other pets around/ the temperament of other pets in the home
-How do you plan to communicate with each other while you are away

Tips on what you should tell the pet carer about your pet:
-Your pet’s regular routine and schedule for feeding, sleeping, toileting, walking, playing, and resting
-Your pet's personality, quirks, and behaviours
-Any health conditions your pet has and instructions for medications if applicable
-Any of your pet’s triggers (other pets, joggers, postman, children, bikes, etc.) and how to handle those encounters
-Your expectations for the stay (visit length, walking times, arrivals and departures, house rules)
-How you have trained your pet/what commands you use
-Vet details
-Anything else a loving pet carer will need to know about your pet

Remember: Provide details for an emergency contact in case the pet carer is unable to reach you.

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